Benefits of a Balinese Massage

The Balinese Massage rooted in Bali Indonesia is a type of natural therapy that includes the manipulation of the meridian body through a combination of various massage techniques.

Acupressure aromatherapy massage and reflection is used by the masseur during therapy to deal with various types of problems both emotionally and physically with certain techniques.

Although this therapy has a great combination that can both heal and sooth the body it is still best to consult a doctor before trying this alternative medical treatment. Here are some benefits of Balinese massage that you can try:

1. Make Body Feel Comfortable and Relax

One of the benefits of Balinese massage is to make the body more comfortable, relaxed and also calm. Any part of the body that feels stiff will disappear, and the mind tired will feel calm again.

The benefits of massage are very important in the blood circulation in the body. So you will feel more refreshed after a massage properly and regularly.


2. Makes Mind More Calm

The effects of massage by a massage therapist will make the mind tired and dizzy will be lost. Coupled with the room and the scent of oil therapy and mellow music and darken you in relaxed comfort.


3. Therapeutic Treatment As Traditional Acupuncture Drugs

Any massage done is not done by any therapy. There are massage therapies that are devoted to the treatment of various types of diseases, such as stroke, pinched nerve, paralytic therapy and many more.

For those who have a history of the disease, this traditional way is very effective, because it is believed many benefits.

In addition, the price of traditional massage therapy is cheaper than the therapy performed by doctors. However, it should still refer to the experience and expert of the therapist itself. 

4. As a Circulatory In Body

The benefits of Balinese massage is to facilitate the flow of blood in the body. Any massage done at certain points keeps the blood vessels from getting stuck and makes the body much fresher and more comfortable.

If the blood in the body flows normally the mind and other body parts become more healthy and well-maintained condition. So you will be far from the name of sore – sore and cold.

5. Lowering Emotions to Be More Stable

In the case of urban-level societies, where almost dense activity and life-level make many levels of emotion go up and more stressful.

This makes feelings tired, tired, and also emotion. By doing regular massage of emotion will be much more downhill, relaxation and massage techniques that can make your body and mind much calmer and relaxed.

6. Eliminate Pain In Muscle

The benefits of Balinese other massage is able to provide a sense of relaxation in muscles which achy body and pain. Usually, when the body and muscles already feel pain, many people entrust their healing through massage therapy.

It is considered to be safer, cheaper and also rewarding. So it is not wrong if you try to do massage therapy to remove muscle tension in your body.

7. Make Body Healthier and Fresh

In a healthy body, there is certainly power in doing anything you do. Therefore it is advisable if you experience tremendous fatigue, rest your body by doing a little massage. But it is better done by an expert therapist, so the tired point on the body will be lost.

Your body will come back fresh and fit. This therapy is suitable for you who have high mobile activity and prone to physical activity that much.

8. Making Sleep Well For The Insomnia

Generally, every massage therapy performed has an effect on your sleep. You who have trouble sleeping try massage therapy.

This is because it can accelerate blood circulation, and sleep that had been disrupted will turn into sound. Body and calm mind, of course, can make your sleep quality become better than before.

For those of you who like to experience a state of insomnia or commonly known as insomnia can overcome with a massage on the head. This massage should be done before bed so that at midnight not awakened and experienced insomnia. This massage can reduce the stress that can then overcome the sleep disorder.

9. Able to Improve Immunity

Massage therapy not only makes our body more relaxed. Apparently, massage therapy can also encourage the immune system to be better.

According to a study, a massage performed for 45 minutes, can increase the number of lymphocytes. These white blood cells boost our immune system. So it can help the body from disease.

In addition, massage therapy can also reduce levels of cytokines, a molecule that plays a role in inflammation. Hormin cortisol (stress hormone) can also be derived through massage therapy. 

10. Improve Sleep Quality

One of the benefits of Balinese massage is to reduce fatigue. In addition, massage therapy can also improve the quality of sleep in infants, children, adults, until old age.

The study says that massage therapy can increase delta waves. The waves in the brain make sleep sound. As a result, there is an increase in the frontal delta waves (brain waves associated with awareness and empathy) that trigger feelings of relaxation.


In addition, some other benefits of the benefits of Balinese massage are as below:

  • Reduce the effects of depression and stress. It is easy to feel anxious and depressed when in difficult times. Through a touch of massage, the level of cortisol in the body can be reduced. So that your mood and feelings will become more calm and comfortable.

  • Able to improve appetite. For those of you who experience decreased appetite problems, by doing massage therapy can provide a better appetite. This is because the urge of normal blood flow and the body is felt relaxed and comfortable to make the appetite to be high.

  • Able to prevent back pain. Not only can prevent headaches and migraines alone, apparently by doing a massage on the head can help relax the muscles around the neck and back. That’s why back pain will also subside after the head is massaged.