The patient undergoing the massage therapy needs to take off all of his/her clothes and lie down on the massage table. However, he can cover parts of his body with a loose towel during the duration of the massage therapy. It is also possible to perform the Lomi Lomi massage if the patient is fully clothed.


The massage table used doesn’t have a covering for the masseuse’s convenience during the therapy.


An application of oil massage is done on the patient’s skin to act as a lubricant for easy flowing strokes that the therapist does with his hands and forearms. The hands are used for rubbing, pressing, squeezing and other massage strokes while the forearm is designed for treating the deep tissues. The massage leads to the patient getting a relaxing and rejuvenating feeling of total body wellness accompanied by improvements with his blood and oxygen circulation, immunity boost, relief from full body pain and many more benefits. 


Lomi massage therapy is meant for both physical and spiritual treatments and this is based on the Hawaiian’s belief in cell memories that can either affect or improve the whole condition of the body. Oriental types of massage therapy also follow similar principles that regard the importance of balancing the energy or life force inside the patient’s body to achieve healing, relaxation and to build defence against sickness. The massage therapist does not treat the client as an object that needs treatment but he looks at the patient with love, compassion and respect.

Lomi Lomi Massage – The Hawaiian Massage with a Spiritual Content